Application of Ultra-Wideband sensor on Termites Detection


  • ธรรนิตย์ ศิริธรรม Kasetsart University
  • ณรงค์กรณ์ ชุณห์กุล
  • ณัฐพล พจนะลาวัณย์
  • ชวลิต กิตติชัยการ


sensor, termites, python, Ultra-Wideband


At present, termites are dangerous to a construction of the houses by their behavior in eating wood and expanding their habitat. Because termites always hide behind the wall, above the ceiling or underneath the floor, drilling holes on these obstructions are inevitably. With inaccuracy in detection, it leads to unnecessary damage of your house.

Therefore this research aims to applying new technology Ultra Wideband Sensor in detecting movement of any objects by penetrating through all obstructions such as concrete or wooden wall. In this study, an in house developed computer program using python is used to control the sensor.

From the result obtained, it was found that Ultra Wideband Sensor can detect movement of the objects at maximum distance of 9 meters. From the signal obtained, it shows that objects in different motion give different signal. The big objects give a wider bandwidth. Moreover, objects with fast movement can show high amplitude and this sensor also can identify the number of big moving objects. Finally, after testing this sensor on site, it can detect the termites very well and give very accurate results.






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