A Study of Downstream Structure’s Vibration Respond to an Air-Flow for Energy Harvesting Application


  • ภากร อุทโยภาศ
  • ชวลิต กิตติชัยการ


flow-induced vibration, flow visualization, vortex, energy harvester


This paper aims to analyze a vibration respond of a downstream structure when subjected
to an air flow. In order to seek an optimal downstream structure for energy harvesting application,
different configurations of downstream structure were tested in a low turbulence intensity wind
tunnel in a range of 3000-20000 of Reynolds number. Particular attention was paid to study a
vibration response to subjected flow. A tested model consists of upstream cylinder connected
with a downstream tip body via aluminum cantilever beam. According to experimental results, the
vibration response of downstream structure depended on both of shapes of downstream structure
and aluminum cantilever beam length. The highest vibration amplitude was found in a tested
model with a triangular tip body and aluminum cantilever beam length of 160 mm. Furthermore,
from smoke-flow visualization study, the high vibration response can be found when vortices
were formed on each side of downstream structure. On the contrary, if the vortices were formed
behind the downstream structure, there will be little or no vibration response for downstream






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