Energy Efficiency Study of Academic Building Case Study of Civil Engineering Building Kasetsart University


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Energy conservative measure, Alternative energy utilization, Building monitoring system


This research aims to study efficiency of energy use in the case of academic building. The Civil Engineering Building of Kasetsart University was selected due to the readiness of data collecting tool, the building monitoring system, recently installed. The data of energy use was collected for 12-month period. The data was analyzed to reveal the effect of pattern of use and building envelope toward energy use of the building. The result shows that the room which gets direct sunlight uses energy 37% higher than the room which is shaded from direct sunlight. Moreover, large rooms are not efficiently utilized. The study proposes 3 measures to improve energy efficiency in the building: (1) put priority in assigning the room on the shaded sides of the building first, It save energy by 0.4%, (2) decrease the number of large rooms to match with the actual use by dividing some large rooms into smaller rooms, It save energy by 2.2%, and (3) minimize direct sunlight on the building by constructing a green wall, It save energy by 4.6%, Additional measure to utilize solar energy is also suggested, It save energy by 13%.






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