High Entropy Alloys


  • พงศ์ภัค จียาศักดิ์
  • ปิยนุช ม่วงทอง
  • Russell Goodall
  • อภิชาติ โรจนโรวรรณ


High Entropy Alloys, Corrosion, Electrochemical Experiment


High entropy alloys are the new materials which are currently of interests due to their superior strength along with improved mechanical properties, thermal properties, electrical properties and corrosion resistance. High entropy alloys can be applied in many industries such as coating materials, medicals, and etc. The objective of this literature review is to provide the research overview on the high entropy alloys, especially corrosion properties. This overview consists of basic knowledges of high entropy alloys, the discovery, and the property development. This review suggested that alloying elements affected the microstructural changes and the passive films formation high entropy alloys, leading to the greater corrosion resistance. According to electrochemical experiment in chloride and sulfuric solutions, high entropy alloys showed a higher corrosion resistance than those of the alloys common. Therefore, this HEAs have drawn most attention and further research work have been currently undergone and intensively.






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