Improvement Lateritic Soil in Nan Province by using Fuji Beton and Natural Rubber Latex for Subbase Course Material.


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  • วีระเกษตร สวนผกา


lateritic soil, fujibeton,polymer, subbase material, NAN Province, natural para rubber latex


The purpose of this research is to study the behavior of subbase pavement that carries on
the heavy traffic load. The Nan’s lateritic-soil samples were used for improvement physical soil
properties. The natural physical properties of this soil are as following, the plasticity index value
is 16.08, specific gravity is 2.62, maximum dry density using modifies proctor compaction test
is 1.98 g/cm3, optimum moisture content is 16.50% and this soil is classified as ML (Silt Low
Plasticity) type.

The results of this research show that mixing Nan’s lateritic-soil with Fuji Beton in
the proportion of 3-7% by weight present unconfined compressive strength values 7.31-19.29
ksc. Mixing Nan’s lateritic-soil, with Fuji Beton3-7% and para-rubber 3-5% by weight present
unconfined compressive strength values 4.96-18.11 ksc. This research found that the appropriate
proportionof mixingratio among Nan’s lateritic-soil,Fuji Betonandpara-rubber couldbe followed
the department of highways standard were 1) Nan’s lateritic soil with 6 wt% Fuji Beton and 2)
Nan’s lateritic soil with 7 wt% Fuji Beton and 5 wt% para rubber latex presenting unconfined
compressive strength values more than 17.50 ksc as specification of standard of Department of
Highways (DOH). Thus this canbe concludedthat Nan’s lateritic-soil mixed withthoseproportions
above could be used as subbase course material of pavement structure





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