Development of biodiesel production reactor from used vegetable oil using 45⁰ two-blade paddle coupled with 6-blade disc turbine


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biodiesel, used vegetable oil, transesterification, impeller


Biodieselproduction withtransesterificationprocessusing mechanical agitator toblendthe
ingredients for the reaction used the reaction time more than 60 min. And biodiesel purity was
obtained for commercial biodiesel standard. The aim of this research was to develop a blending
process of the materials in biodiesel production for reducing the reaction time. The two types
of impeller: 45⁰ two-blade paddle and 6-blade disc turbine, were used to blend the ingredients
that installed on a shaft in the reactor. For the experiments, the impeller speed was operated
for mixing with 400 and 600 rpm, respectively. The suitable impeller speed was investigated to
find the effect on biodiesel production. The results indicated that under condition: 30 L of used 

vegetable oil, 30 vol.% of MeOH, 5 g/LOIL of NaOH, 60 ⁰C of the reaction time, and 600 rpm of
the impeller speed, were obtained the yield of 93.33% and the purity of 97.31 wt.% for 15 min
of the reaction time.

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