Study of Risk Management in Engineering and Economics Aspects of Flood Protection Walls Construction After 2011


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flood protection walls, life cycle cost


Normally, general investors emphasize only investment cost but don’t concern with maintenance cost in civil engineering construction work. The maintenance cost might mainly causes increase of the construction budget and might progress to lack of the construction project due to out of construction damage plan. These directly lead to purpose of this research, which is study on the risk assessment and the appropriateness of cost usage; initial capital and maintenance cost; for flood protection of I-walls and Embankment dike type. The risk assessment was derived from potential damage of each type. There are 4 variable of the risk assessment: cause, effect, difficulty in maintenance, and repair. Moreover, suitability of initial cost can be obtained from the principle calculation of life time using cost (life cycles) in order to analysis and summary. Therefore, the results of this study can confirm that building cost of I-walls type is low, but maintenance cost of that high. The embankment dike can divided to 2 type: with geocell and with concrete slab. First type, building cost of geocell embankment dike is high, but maintenance cost of that is low. On the hand, building and maintenance cost of concrete slab embankment dike is high. Finally, the advantage of this study is simply determinable type of flood protection construction for investor.






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