Three-D Digital and Plaster Copies for the Conservation of Stucco : Jaroenrat 31 Bridge


  • คุณยุต เอี่ยมสอาด


3D digital copy, conservation of stucco, 3D scan, reverse engineering


One of the cultural heritages, “The stucco on Jaroenrat 31 Bridge located in the city of Bangkok” shows an important trace of the Thai nation history. In the present day, this cultural
heritage is damaged and deteriorated rapidly as the time goes by. The stucco on Jaroenrat 31 Bridge is significantly distinct from those on other bridges that are low reliefs. The stucco on Jaroenrat 31 Bridge are, however, both high reliefs and floating 3D sculptures. Moreover, the stucco is very large in terms of width and height so that it is difficult to divide the 3D scanning into pieces. In this research, 3D scanning on a crane is then adopted in this project in order to facilitate the scanning outside the bridge. Plaster copy making is also done in order to check the repeatability by 4-axis CNC machining. These 3D digital copies of the stucco are suitable either for partial repair or for reconstruction of the whole bridge because they provide the layout as well as the detail of the stucco and the bridge. These 3D digital copies of the stucco have been delivered to the Office of Archaeology, Fine Arts Department, Ministry of Culture in order to be used as references for repairing the bridge causing by the construction of Sanamchai Subway Station. The digital copies can also be used in the future conservation, restoration, as well as the references for the future studies.





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