Preparation of Emergency Shelter in the Seismic Risk Area, Kanchanaburi Province


  • นิภาวรรณ กุลสุวรรณ
  • บรรพต กุลสุวรรณ


earthquake; seismic risk area; emergency shelter


At present, in Thailand, the expansion of community results from population growth.
There are varieties of the building and they might be constructed in the earthquake prone
area. Several solutions have been searched by researchers in order to mitigate risks and
prepare for consequence. This paper aimed to forecast the populations that might have an
effect by the earthquake of which an event results from Sisawat fault and Chedisam-ong
fault in Kanchanaburi province. Also, the emergency shelters could be adequately sought
and prepared based up on the most optimal routes, proper sanitation and emergency
standard. As a result, a damage assessment of building could help forecasting of affected
people which was divided in each village. The studied area included Tambon Lum Sum,
Tambon Lumrang, Tambon Ladya, and Tambon Thamakham in which the affected people
could be approximately forecasted of 7,391 people, 6,846 people, 2,805 people, and 431 people,
respectively. Moreover, there were 7 emergency shelters in Tambon Lum Sum, 6 of them
in Tambon Lumrang, and 5 of them for each village in Tambon Ladya and Thamakham.






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