Study of Evaluation of UCS Prediction Equation of Cement Stabilized Materials


  • อัคคพัฒน์ สว่างสุรีย์
  • ธีรภัทร์ ศิริรัตนฉัตร
  • จิรโรจน์ ศุกลรัตน์


prediction equation, unconfined compressive strength, cement content, pavement material


The use of local materials or off-specification materials stabilized with cement for minimizing
natural resource and environmental impacts is one of the cost-effective solutions in highway
construction and rehabilitation. If the cement content and the 7-day unconfined compressive
strength (UCS) of cement stabilized materials can be estimated prior to the mix design process,
this will provide the practitioners with a guideline for local material selection and suitable amount
of cement to meet the UCS according to the design specification. This paper is to evaluate the
empirical equations for predicting the UCS of three types of cement stabilized materials e.g. (1)
cement modified crushed rock base, (2) pavement recycling base, and (3) soil-cement subbase.
Since there was no standard and acceptable method for predicting the 7-day UCS of cement
stabilized materials at the present in Thailand, the prediction equations proposed by Sunitsakul
et al. and Kasidit et al. were considered in this study to estimate the UCS of these three types
of cement stabilized materials. Based on 270 test data, a comparison between the UCS obtained
from the laboratory tests and that obtained from the prediction equations suggested that an
equation by Sunitsakul et al. was more accurate and precise than that of Kasidit et al.






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