Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Deep Beam: Experiment and Finite Element Analysis


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reinforced concrete; strut and tie; crack controlled reinforcement; deep beam; finite element


Experimental program comprised the test of 9 reinforced concrete deep beams designed by strut and tie model according to Appendix A of ACI 318-11. The tested specimens were designed with various shear span to effective depth ratios (a/d ratio) and the crack controlled reinforcement. The results indicate that failure mode of RC deep beam changed from diagonal crack to flexural shear failure when the a/d ratio was increased. Furthermore, the crack controlled reinforcement has significant influence on the failure mode of the beam with the same a/d ratio. The authors also do a finite element model of the deep beams using ANSYS. The models were created using three-dimensional elements and nonlinear mechanical properties. It is found that the deflections, the ultimate capacities and the cracking patterns obtained from finite element analysis were comparable to those results obtained from experiment.






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