Cutting Machine for Crispy Noodle Bar


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crispy noodle; noodle bar; cutting machine


Makhamtong Housewife Community Enterprise would like to develop crispy noodle to be the rectangular bar laminated with chocolate. This project was to design and build the crispy noodle cutting machine for the crispy noodle bar as rectangular of size 25 x 55 x 15 mm3 by pneumatic system. The machine was mainly constructed by the stainless steel. Crispy noodle thickness of 20 mm could be cut to be 12 pieces by the cutting force of 1226.3 N. The pneumatic cylinder with bore of 63 mm and stroke length of 125 mm was operated at the air pressure of 6 bar.
The cutting blade of machine was made of the sharpened stainless steel. It was forced to fit into the groove of cutting board in order to get the perfectly rectangular crispy noodle bar. Pressing plates were mounted to the cutting blade by stainless springs. When cutting blade was pressed on the cutting board, the spring force of 3.88 N pressed the noodle thickness of 20 mm to be 15 mm in order for the crispy noodle bar not too tight and its taste not changed. The spring constant for the experiment was 0.78 N/mm.






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