Work, Family and Society: A Work-Life Balance That Involves More Than Just Time Management of Workers in the Industrial Production


  • จรัมพร โห้ลำยอง
  • ศิรินันท์ กิตติสุขสถิต
  • มะลิวัลย์ ขันเล็ก


industrial workers; work-life balance; work and family; work and society


This study focused on the characteristics of labor in the context of a work-life balance for workers in the industrial production sector. It examined factors associated with achieving a successful work-life balance.  The components of a work-life balance include time, participation, and satisfaction balance.16,904 workers in 65 enterprises throughout Thailand were included in the sample. This study found that time balance is a major challenge for this population.  Workers in the industrial production sector have long work-days and lack flexibility at work.  The multiple linear regression analysis found that sex, age, duration of employment, and income are significantly associated with achieving a satisfactory work-life balance.  Supporting factors for achieving a satisfactory work-life balance include family support and caring for the society around them.  Thus, efforts to promote a healthy work-life balance for workers in the industrial production sector should give importance to time management, in tandem with attention to nurturing relationships with family members and connections with and responsibility toward society and the community






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