Volcanic Facies of the Doi Phra Baht Volcanic Deposits, Mueang District, Lampang Province, Thailand

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Udomporn Wipakul
Chutchai Tiangtham
Boontarika Srithai
Yuenyong Panjasawatwong


In Thailand, the Pre-Jurassic Chiang Khong – Tak volcanic belt has been renowned for the most voluminous igneous rocks and various magmatic suites, where rhyolite – rhyodacite and their pyroclastic equivalents are predominant.  A sequence of volcanic rocks exposed at Km marks 8-10 on Highway number 11 (LampangDenchai), Mueang District, Lampang Province offers a remarkable section for facies analysis and thus leads to the understanding of clast – forming, transportation, and deposition processes.  From field observation and petrographic study, the rocks can be classified as pyroclastic facies and volcaniclastic/volcanogenic sedimentary facies.  The pyroclastic facies is a mass flow deposit that includes welded and non-welded ignimbrite in part.  It was interpreted to be products of subaerial eruption of silicic magma and deposited onshore or a shallow water environment.  The volcaniclastic/volcanogenic sedimentary facies is characterized by well-bedded volcanic mudstone and volcanic sandstone, with laminae to thin-beds of black mudstone/claystone that contain sedimentary structures, such as load casts and flame structures.  Subaqueous depositional environment with influence of turbidity current is proposed for transportation and deposition of this facies.

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Wipakul, U., Tiangtham, C., Srithai, B., & Panjasawatwong, Y. (2021). Volcanic Facies of the Doi Phra Baht Volcanic Deposits, Mueang District, Lampang Province, Thailand . Bulletin of Earth Sciences of Thailand, 5(1), 1–9. Retrieved from https://ph01.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/bestjournal/article/view/246538
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