Universal Filter with Single Input and Five Outputs Employing VDTAs

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Jirapun Pimpol
Chakkrich Panrueansan
Orapin Channumsin
Worapong Tangsrirat


This article introduces the synthesis of single-input five-output universal filter employing VDTA as the major active component. The proposed universal filter operates voltage-mode and it can also generate the five filter functions, namely lowpass (LP), bandpass (BP) highpass (HP) bandstop (BS) and allpass (AP) responses simultaneously without modifying the circuit configuration. The proposed filter achieves the electronically and orthogonal variation of the significant parameter natural angular frequency and the quality factor. Detail analysis of non-ideal VDGA effects and circuit component sensitivity are included. The achievement of the filter circuit is demonstrated with PSPICE simulations based on TSMC 0.25 microns CMOS technology and experimental workability employing IC CA3080. Further, the tuning results of natural angular frequency without affecting the quality factor have an average error of 3.727%. The total harmonic distortion (THD) of BP filter response has been investigated that the maximum THD values of 10.782%. Moreover, the work results when the temperature discretely run between 0 ºC to 100 ºC, it illustrates that the maximum deviation of temperature at 100 ºC is equal to 16.98%. In addition, the operational analysis of the proposed filter with Monte Carlo method which the trend of natural angular frequency was approximately 1.593 MHz with only 0.189% of relative error. The all simulation and experimental results of the filter circuit are the corresponding to the proposed theoretical.


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