Potential of Biogas Production by Co-Digestion between Physical Pretreatment Sugar Cane Leaf and Cow Dung

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Nisa Pakvilai
Monthip Jankaew
Vanatpornratt Sawasdee


   This research studied the potential of biogas production by co-digestion between physically pretreated sugarcane leaf and cow dung. The biogas production system was operated until optimum for operation. The optimum ratio of sugarcane leaf and cow dung was 1:1. Sugarcane leaf was physically pretreated to small sizes and 16 g L-1 CaCO3 maintained the optimum pH and alkalinity in system. The alkalinity can be maintained between 1,480–4,640 mg L-1 CaCO3; pH was 6.95–7.15. This is optimum pH for microbial mechanisms in the system. However, before biogas production sugarcane leaf component analysis, cellulose 39.096 ± 0.559%, hemicellulose 25.291 ± 0.937%, and lignin 18.556 ± 1.399%. The potential of the biogas production test by co-digestion between sugarcane leaf and cow dung was found to have the highest percentage of methane production 65.11 ± 0.30%, highest cumulative total gas 1,978 ± 3.54 mL, and highest total cumulative methane 1,148 ± 5.00 mL. Therefore, this research presented that sugarcane leaf and cow dung can be used for biogas production and that sugarcane leaf that is agricultural waste can be material for producing alternative energy in the community.


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