A Study of Beacons System Comparison with RFID Time Attendance System for Human Resource Management

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Yuranan Musor


          Time Attendance System is considered as the information technology of human resource management which is important for human resource personnel in summarizing the collection of working hours for payroll. Nowadays, technology is commonly used to record the time attendance in most organizations is using an RFID, magnetic stripe employee cards tap on the card reader to record time. From the study, it was found that Beacon technology can be applied as an employee data reader by using Mobile application of employees to connect and transmit data via Bluetooth signal to for time recording of departure of employees. This research aims to study the use of beacons in the time attendance system. And comparing the results of recording data between beacons and RFID in the time attendance system by the timer used to record system information. From the individual timer trial results, the RFID time recording system can time faster than the average of Beacons, 3.4 seconds, but in total timer Beacons Can time faster than the average of RFID time recording system 13.33 seconds and is satisfied by the test user more than RFID time recording system.


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