A Prototype of Reverse Vending Machine for Garbage Bank Project

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Egkarin Watanyulertsakul
Vanasa Sinchangreed
Surajate On-rit


        In the present, plastic bottles and aluminum cans are used in packaging consumption volume increasing. If there are no appropriate separation process could become a solid waste pollution that affects the environment very seriously. How to reduce air pollution from the waste, such as reuse, or applied repeatedly called recycling, so as to modify the value of the waste, and can increase revenue. The research team therefore found ways to solve the problem by studying and collecting information to develop the reverse vending machine for garbage bank projects for support activities and raise awareness of good people in the community to help prevent the waste problem that destroyed the environment. 

        The results of the research showed that the reverse vending machine for garbage bank project. Provides the ability to separate the types of cans, small, medium, large, steel cans and plastic bottles. Separation by taking the average overall was 99.60 percent thought efficiency in compression can reduce the size of packaging, all types, representing 54.33 percent average.


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