Design of Experiments for Analyzing Factors Affecting to Varied Deformation in the Simulation of ABS Plastic Injection Molding Process

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The objectives of this research are to the study and analyze significant factors affecting varied deformation in the ABS plastic injection molding process by using design of experiments and

injection molding process simulation with the moldex3D programming. In this study, eight factors were initially screened namely; injection flow, injection pressure, switching over position, packing time, packing pressure, melt temperature, mold temperature, and cooling time. As a result of using injection process simulation as of the fractional factorial experiment design, it shown the significant factors affecting to deformation were cooling time, melt temperature, packing time, and injection flow. Then the response surface methodology (RSM) with using the central composite design (CCD) was applied to analyze the optimum condition of each parameter before simulating the injection process by moldex3D programming. The simulation results shown that the maximum of deformation is 4.19 mm, the sample means is 2.22 mm, and the sample standard deviation is 0.95. After that setup the simulation results as parameter input into the actual injection process, the result shown that the maximum of deformation is 4.2 mm and there is no statistical difference between simulation results and experimental results at 95% confidential interval level. The contribution of this research improves the quality of ABS plastic injection process design including mold design. This also values in cost reduction in mold fabrication and trial production before launching real production.


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