Design and Invention a 150 kV Capacitive High Voltage Divider set

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มินเรศน์ เตชะวงศ์
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The aim of this paper is presents a design and invention a 150 kV capacitors high voltage divider set as standard of IEEE Std.4 1995, It’s voltage rate is 1000:1, There are two main parts of it’s components: high voltage part using polypropylene film 3,300 PicoFarads per series prevented the total of 10.69 Pico Farads capacity and low voltage by using the same capacitors connected with integrated connection with the total 11 nano Farads capacitors, All part contain in a acrylic insulation pipe. The result of the test found that electrical voltage scale factor is of the electrical quality as specified standard. It’s error is not over than 3 percent. As a result,

this product was made in Thailand itself so that we can reduce the import of technological equipments from foreign country.


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