Reduction in Transmission System Loss by Improving the Reliability of Capacitor Banks Based on Economic Optimization

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Rattapol Promsith
Pichit Sukchareonpong


The electrical power transferred from a power plant to the customer is transmitted through the transmission line. There will be power loss caused by power transmission through an electrical circuit with resistance. The power loss can be reduced by installation of a capacitor bank. The power bank composed of capacitor units. The capacitor banks in an electrical transfer system have a failure rates. The failure of each capacitor bank causes a higher electrical power loss. The electrical power loss can be reduced by improving the capacitor bank reliability through the proper replacement of the capacity units. The aim of this research is to find the method which provides an investment guideline by determining the appropriate location and amount of capacitor units to be replaced in order to minimize the total cost, the investment cost of the capacitor units and the cost of power loss. The proposed method is applied to IEEE 30 buses test system. The results show that the proposed method can significantly reduce the total cost of the transmission system.


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