A Study of Parameter Affecting the Edge Crack Defect for Rubber Graphite Product

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Umakorn Renusawat
Pichit Sukcharoenpong
Chuckaphun Aramphongphun


The objectives of this research are to study the process parameters significantly affecting the edge crack defect and to determine the optimal condition providing the lowest quantity of the edge crack defects on extruded rubber graphite products. In this research, Design of Experiments was applied to study three factors including (i) screw speed, (ii) barrel temperature and (iii) head temperature (or die temperature) while the response variable is the quantity of edge crack defects on the rubber graphite product. The results of the experimental analysis showed that all three factors, significantly affected the quantity of edge crack defect. A Response Surface Methodology (RSM) technique was then applied to determine the optimal condition of the process parameters, which was found to be at the screw speed of 1.5 rpm, the barrel temperature of 65 oC, and the head temperature of 64.04 oC. The optimal condition of these process parameters significantly reduced the quantity of edge crack defect on the extruded rubber graphite product.


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