An Automated Plastic Injection Molding Machine Selection System based on Fuzzy Logic Using MATLAB

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Sirinut Suwannasri
Ronnachai Sirovetnukul
Thitikorn Limchimchol


In the phase of production planning, machine selection play important role in planning. At present, the majority of the machine selection process of plastic injection molding industry is conducted manually by an experienced planner. Therefore, the production plan depends on the skills and the experiences of the planner. However if a plan is conducted by an inexperienced planner it could lead to an uneconomical plan and delivery failure. Therefore, this study aims to develop a decision support tool for the plastic injection machine selection for the flexible production planning in dynamic planning and to enhance the irregular of operation flow by human’s decision making. The machine selection system is developed by using six selection criteria from a plastic manufacturer's case study to construct a system based on fuzzy logic theory using MATLAB. The proposed system is designed to reduce decision making time and maintain similar results for both experienced and inexperienced planners.


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