Optimal Fuel Concentration and Heating Temperature for Solution Combustion Synthesis of YBa2Cu3O7-x High Temperature Superconductors

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Oratai Jongprateep
Ratchatee Techapiesancharoenkij
Kawin Tanmee


YBa2Cu3O7-x (Y123) ceramic superconductors have great potential for industrial applications. One of the challenges for utilizing Y123 in the applications is difficulty in synthesizing Y123 powders with desired composition. Solution combustion synthesis technique is known to be simple and cost-effective for synthesizing fine ceramic powders. This study aims at determining optimized conditions for Y123 powder synthesis. The powders were prepared by the combustion of aqueous solutions containing corresponding metal nitrate, acting as oxidizer, and sucrose, acting as combustion fuel. Fuel-to-oxidizer (f/o) ratios ranging from 1:3 to 3:1 and post-combustion heat treatment ranging from 850°C to 950oC were used in this experiment. Experimental results in this experiment. Experimental results indicated that by varying f/o rations and post-combustion heat treatment temperatures, compositions of the powers were altered. X-ray diffraction analysis revealed that Y123 powders with composition suitable for practical applications could be achieved in powders synthesized from all f/o ration studied in this paper upon heating at 900oC for 4 hours. Formation of Y123 and other Secondary phases with respect to f/o ration and post-combustion heat treatment temperature will also be discussed


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