Enhancement of Heat transfer in Circular path channel using Vortex generator

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The heat transfer enhancement in industrial equipment that is limited in speed of flow and space are often used to generate eddy currents in the channel flow. Eddy currents will serve at least two purposes, one to increase the energy diffuse due to the velocity fluctuation of stream in the mixing zone of the wake. And second, the reduction of pressure loss due to boundary layer thickness decreases. This research used numerical simulation commercial software ANSYS-FLUENT V.14. The objective is to find the shape and number of the vortex generator appropriate with circular path channel of plate heat exchanger. Working fluid is a steam pressure 10 bar, temperature is 200 degrees Celsius. Select circular and square cross sectional cylinder shape vortex generators into a case study. Use nusselt number and the amount of heat transfer as an indicator of performance. Simulation consists of five-case channel flow, channel flow without vortex generator with circular cross sectional place apart with distance dh/L=77.2, 144.7 and with square cross sectional place apart with distance dh/L=77.2, 144.7 respectively. The simulation result show that the square cross sectional cylinder vortex generators place apart with distance dh/L=144.7 is better performance in terms of heat transfer and pressure loss. Due to the wake behind vortex generator coverage a wide area, this results in the velocity fluctuation.


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