Error Parameters of Milling Machine by Measurement of Machined Parts

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Pimpet Sratong-on
Lerkiat Vongsarnpigoon
Warakom Nerdnoi
Wiroj Thasana


Quality of machined parts depends on the accuracy of machine movements in machining processes. In order to improve accuracy of machined parts, all parameters of geometric error of machine movement must be characterized and compensated. A mathematical error-model of 3-axes Vertical Milling Machine Center was derived from a model of imperfect motion of a rigid body. The error-dimensions of the machined part that may affect to each error-parameter were measured by Coordinate Measurement Machine. The errors parameters were then analyzed from those error-dimensions. Then, direct measurement of error parameters were measured by Laser Interferometer System according to the ISO-230 standard. These measured parameters are compared to the analyzed error parameter.


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