A Single-Battery Switching Boost Converting Pulse Generator for Functional Electrical Stimulation in Rehabilitation Application

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Atit Tamtrakarn


This paper presents an application of using a switching boost converter in combination with two timer ICs for electrical stimulation in rehabilitation. The first timer IC generates a square wave pulse for the switching boost converter, while the second timer IC generates a clocking window for supplying the electrical stimulating signal to the patient in order to evoke a functional movement of the impair muscle of the patient through the specific set of nerves. The circuit implementation in this work can eliminate using of transformers. Thus, the circuit consumes smaller area than the conventional transformer approach and it does not require complicated design methodology. The simulation results show that the output waveform has frequency around 30Hz with pulse width around 220gif.latex?\mus and pulse voltage more than 10V which can be used as Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) device. The circuit can be operated with only a single 3V-battery which is applicable for portable device.


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