Concurrent measurement of spindle radial, axial and angular motions using concentric circle grating and phase modulation interferometers

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Masato Aketagawa
Muhummad Madden


This paper describes a concurrent measurement of spindle radial, axial and angular motions using concentric circle grating and phase modulation interferometers. In the measurement, the concentric circle grating with fine pitch is installed on top of the spindle of interest. The grating is a reference artifact in the method. Three optical sensors are fixed over the concentric circle grating, and observe the proper positions of the grating. The optical sensor consists of a frequency modulated laser diode as a light source, and two interferometers. One interferometer in the sensor observes an interference fringe between reflected light form a fixed mirror and 0-th order diffraction light from the grating to measure the axial motion. Another interferometer in the sensor observes an interference fringe between ±2nd order diffraction lights from the grating to measure the radial motion. Using three optical sensors, three axial displacements and three radial displacements of the proper observed position of the grating can be measured. From these six measured displacements, radial, axial and angular motions of the spindle can be determined concurrently. In the paper, a measurement instrument, a fringe interpolation technique by sinusoidal phase modulation and experimental results are discussed.


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