A Study Architecture of Cloud-based Applications for Restaurant Business

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ณัฏฐ์ภคนันท์ นวลจิตร
กิตติมา เมฆาบัญชากิจ


          Thai food & Beverage industry plays an important spectrum in increasing the value of the Thai agriculture sector. There has been efforts to raise the Thai F&B and particularly restaurant to meet the global standard. With the advancement of science and technology, exploration of the state of the art technology to assist and enhance the management and service of restaurant is inevitable.

          This research explores the various systems and application and in particular the concept of cloud management system and its application for small and medium sized restaurants. Various application and its benefits are analyzed. The question of whether a new system or an upgrading of existing system largely dependent on individual restaurants budget and needs. However, businesses are encouraged to focus on cloud system which could provide a significant improvement to overall operation and management system scalability.


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