The Study of Effects of Hydrogen Loading Time to the Fluctuation of FBG Wavelength

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Phimolphan Rutthongjan
Phaisarn Sudwilai
Ong-arj Tangmettajittakul
Phattamon Samanworakit


This paper studies effects of hydrogen loading time for four conditions, which control hydrogen loading pressure at 13 MPa to the fluctuation of FBG wavelength at final optical inspection process. Hydrogen loading technique is a major technique to enhance photosensitivity and refractive index of optic fiber. FBG reflective target at 9% of writing process leads to a small refractive index change and a small distribution of UV exposure time affect to the high stability of FBG wavelength. Therefore, the fluctuation of FBG wavelength at final optical inspection process was the a similar manner for four hydrogen loading times conditions.


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