Applying Genetic Algorithm for Vehicle Routing Problem of Specimen management Case Study: Nakon Pathom Hospital

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The research presents The Genetic Algorithm (GA) to solve the vehicle routing problems a sample with traffic time restriction for trucks the hospital that under the car of the Nakon Pathom hospital. As a result, the sample was returned to the hospital to analyze in the laboratory of the hospital within 3 hours since leave from Nakon Pathom hospital. Due to the limitation of the stuffing and the external environment may reduce effective of sample and can’t analysis. The proposed method is composed of 3 steps as follow: grouping the hospital base on area of traffic time restriction, applying Neatest Neighbor algorithm (NN) to construct and initial feasible solution, improving the solution by GA. The computation result show that NN hybridized GA provided the base solution. In this research was conducted and develop a method to solve problem with the goal that provide the route map. Transportation cost of sample and analysis are low. A comparison show that use Genetic Algorithm from Nearest neighbor Algorithm with same quantity and same hospital can reduce distance from old process with expert for driving up to 22.037 average


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