Application of Minitab 17 Statistical Software to Analysis of Students of the Faculty of Engineering, Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology

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Anchalee Supithak
Wipawadee Wongsuwan
Lerkiat Vongsarnpigoon


This paper utilize Minitab 17, a statistical analysis software, to study the significance of some factors relating to enrolment and retention decisions of engineering students, Thai- Nichi institute of technology. The student data from 2008 to 2015 are analysed. While the number of new students and number of study programs increase together with time, an analysis of variance (ANOVA) shows that the number of study programs has no significant effect on the number of new students. Regarding the retention rate, analysis of the data shows that if the base is chosen to be the second year students, there is no significant variation between batches of students in each



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