The Studies of Compressor-reliability for Tropical Region

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Titisak Simakulthorn
Karun Theptawee
Eiichi Aikawa


The environmental issues are challenging and the Chinese goods are increasing here in Thailand. To keep our business stable, we are studying how to improve our compressors.

      On the other hand, “refrigerator and air-conditioner” are dependent on the life style of each region. And now, Middle East is enjoying their economic growth.  Therefore, it should be necessary for air-conditioner and refrigerator makers to use high quality compressor for them in particular. We also need to study many kinds of the market conditions.

      Collaborating with some white goods companies, we studied “actual application specification”.  As a result, our customers prefer our reciprocating compressors rather than others. And they prefer our products over other brands for its toughness, even in the tropical region. Here, we define the tropical and we make sure that our lubrication system is better than the others.  

     Bangkok is an elephant city. Among developing regions of the world, the weather, the power-source, the transportation-systems are worse than those in Bangkok such as Indonesia, Philippines, and Vietnam. We take the advantage of “actual application specification” idea, into the other regions. 


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