The Investigation of Plastic Injection Molding Defects of Side Mirror Cover

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Phannisa Vanich
Sutas Somvisai
Don Kaewdook


In order to reduce defects of products in the plastic injection by using the Evolution stability improvement. The models which the information was collected are side mirror covers model J02C from the present production line by observation,  questionnaire, interview and notes from employees in the department. Analyzing the data by Fish-Bone and 5-Why Analysis define the exact problemswhich cause defects in the injection process. Damages in J02C model come from adjusting KANBAN, Silver Streak and Pit. Assumption to improve the process is adding proper equipments and working procedure in the spinning process and solve the problems that make the wheel deformed, the study found that, the main problem is the oven operated in too high temperature. Comparison of the percentage of wastes revealsthat, the percentage of initial waste is 25.06%, nonetheless after a process improvement, the percentage was reduced to 1.84%, which decreased 23.22% according to the target at 2% after such improvement.


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