Developing A Deterioration Model for Manila Bridges

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Lorenzo R. Adriano
Samuel S. Chua


The study looks into an alternative approach in determining the service life of bridges located in the scope of Metro Manila, Philippines. Currently financial depreciation models are used to determine service life of structures by the Commission on Audit and there is no existing alternative formula for predicting service life of bridges in the country. Based on existing research on deterioration models, a similar approach was done in this research. The derived model was based on the latest condition ratings of thirty bridge components and inspection findings of the Department of public works and highways (DPWH) during their regular inspection. The objective was to identify whether such available data can serve as significant variables in identifying a regression model to aid in predicting condition rating of such bridges in Metro Manila. Such similar models as applied in a Philippine setting can provide planning cost estimates for return of investments in terms of service life. It can also aid in maximizing funds and planning budget for infrastructure development and maintenance of DPWH. Using statistical test in identifying the coefficients and dependent variables, the study was able to derive a significant bridge evaluation model that provides a secondary source of information in determining the condition ratings of bridges in Metro Manila.


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