Design of Bus Tracking Framework Based on Android Mobile Application by Using GPS

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Sarunyoo Srivichitranond
Bunphong Mannnaitham
Techit Taesrikul
Thagoon Jamnongtanachot
Teerapat Nirapienranant
Prarinthorn Charoenying
Thanawat Chutigriwan
Thongchai Kaewkiriya


In Thailand, bus is one of the public transport choices which have lots of customer every day. But most of the time bus does not arrive on time. The objective of this paper is to design and develop an application for tracking a position of a bus, which can help passengers to make decisions. There are three parts of this system. First, the position of the bus will be sent to a server by GPS on smartphone via cellular network every 20 seconds. Second, the server will gather data from the GPS and calculate the average speed of the bus within 20 minutes. The last part, the application which operates on Android can be used to check the position of the bus by making a mark on Google Maps, and calculating the estimated time of the bus arrival to the passenger's' position. The last step is to present the synthetic framework to users for appropriate evaluation. The result from users are very appropriate with the average score equal to 7.9/10 (S.D. = 1.22)


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