An Architectural Design of Computerized Maintenance Management System towards SOA and Cloud Computing

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For the software each type as use for preventive maintenance machine system. Active by refer data base form Server and the main parameter of operation efficiency depend on the performance of system and server include resources to service. But nowadays, novel Cloud Computing is a technology that can offer operation flexibility. It is an adaptable resource for the each user. Software modifications are available on cloud computing. To develop software to change all architectures at once. Possible but must take long time of operation. Development of architecture for CMMS software running on architectures type Client/Server can operate under previous condition and there is an option to continue to use CMMS software with Cloud Computing Architecture. It is a great way to apply and improve CMMS software with cloud computing technology. By using Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) purpose for CMMS software as operating under two architectures can be linked and communicated by API.



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