LAF Chat: A Message Encrypting Application Utilizing RSA Algorithm for Android-Based Mobile Device

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Rowe-Ann Antenor
Robert Bautista
Francis Paolo Lesaca
Raychelou Valencia


The researchers have decided to create an application for the sole purpose of protecting once private information even as small as a basic text message. Using the Rivest Shamir Adleman algorithm (RSA). It is an algorithm used to encrypt and decrypt messages. It uses an asymmetric cryptography algorithm which means it has 2 different keys. Algorithm involves a public key and a private key. The public key could be shared to anyone; it used to encrypt the message. Message encrypted using the public key can only be decrypted with the private key. The use of the RSA Algorithm is mainly used in banks for security purposes; the researchers have proposed and developed a program that would use the algorithm, combining it in a mobile messaging application in Android and also using Google Cloud Messaging (GCM). Security, especially when it comes to phones is a problem. Private information is something one poses in their everyday lives, and people all over the world have tried to increases security but there are also those numbers of people that have tried stealing information to use for their personal gain. Security is almost slowly becoming impossible since the rapid improvement of technology.


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