An Improvement of Search Results Access by Designing a Search Engine Result Page with a Clustering Technique

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วรสิทธิ์ ชูชัยวัฒนา


Because of information overloaded problem, search engines become important tools to help WWW users to discover the information they desire. This paper aims at designing a search result page with a clustering technique to improve an efficiency of search results access by applying it to image searching task. To evaluate the proposed design, sixty graduate students from the department of Web Engineering and Mobile Application Development were recruited to be participants in this research study. They were given two tasks of finding images and were asked to use a prototype of search engine with displaying the results as lists and as clusters. The within-subjects design with a counter balancing technique for eliminating a learning effect was adopts as an experimental research design.  The results showed that a search result page with a clustering technique could improve an efficiency of search results access.

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